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Essential Vitamins

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, iron, folic acid and zinc reduces the potential life threatening diseases in severely malnourished children. Along with providing vitamins, Pockets of Promise provides protein rich and nutrient dense food to the child and teaches parents and health workers how to recognize and treat these conditions.

Medical Care

The Bridge Foundation assists with large medical bills and prescription drugs for sponsored children and their parents. We also purchase mosquito nets and antibiotics all necessary to keep children and their families healthy.

Care for Children with Clubfoot

The Bridge Foundation provides casts, foot braces and soft bandages for babies receiving care at the physiotherapy unit of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Ghana. This ensures these babies can grow up without the stigma of being deformed and can participate in sports, school activities and can hold whatever job they want.


COVID Food Distribution

Provide a month worth of food to families affected by the Covid pandemic. Many poor families have been thrust into deeper poverty and are unable to feed themselves and their families. Your gift will ensure that no child goes to bed hungry.


Clean Water Fund

The clean water fund gives more access to clean water. In addition to helping install drilled wells, new water pumps and latrine construction in remote communities, this fund provides important maintenance, tools and repair training for community members.

Clean Water Kit

When a family loses everything in a disaster or emergency, a clean water kit — including soap, a bucket and water-purifying aqua tabs — can be a literal lifesaver.

Education also Women Empowerment

Continuing Education

Continuing Education for teen and young mothers who dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancy and now want to complete their education or get a short term certificate  course.



Chicks grow to produce protein-rich eggs that feed hungry children. Extra eggs and additional chicks can be sold to pay for essentials like medical and school supplies.

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