Fueling minds and bodies with nutrition

Providing nutritious meals for the children we serve has been an essential part of Pockets of Promise mission. Malnutrition is a very real concern for families and children in the remote rural areas, especially during severe weather conditions such as long term drought and flash floods. Our partnership with several mothers in the community, has brought a life-saving feeding program to children in Ghana, India and Uganda. Each child receives traditional nutrient dense meals cooked from ingredients sourced from local suppliers.

COVID Feeding Program

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, it’s been especially difficult for families to feed their children. We provide families with bags of food supplies once a month, to supplement their meals. This will go a long way to reduce malnutrition in children so they can focus in school and do well.


Our goal at Pockets of Promise is to provide basic literacy to children  in the third world. We want to answer the age old question of what is the best way to end illiteracy crisis and reduce poverty.