Sponsor a Child and Change a Life

Your monthly gift of $35 provides a child with an education. Sponsoring a child helps put the child on the path to greater opportunity.

As a Sponsor, You’ll Receive:

A welcome packet with a picture of the child you are sponsoring and quarterly updates on the progress of your sponsored child and pictures.

A yearly letter from your sponsored child; you can write to your sponsored child as often as you want using the “Send a Message” feature on our website.

Bonus: You can even visit your sponsored child and learn about their culture.

Your Sponsored Child Receives:

A full scholarship package consists of tuition, school uniforms and supplies and participation in our after-school program and computer program.

A personal relationship built with their family or caregivers. Local staff will oversee your sponsored child’s development including monitoring school attendance, and collaboration with their teacher to ensure gaps in learning are corrected.


Why These Children and Communities?

Our on-the-ground staff identify communities that are deeply affected by poverty and which could benefit the most from our holistic approach. Through careful evaluation and interviews, we select the children in those communities who are in most urgent need of full support. Many of the programs that we provide such as our clean water and nutrition programs benefit not only sponsored children, but all children and families in the community.

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Voices of Hope

“Pockets of Promise helped me and my brother to live, eat healthy food, go to school, and have somewhere safe to sleep. Now I’m top of my class and hope to be a doctor one day.”

–Joshua, 8years old.