What Makes Us Different

Community care across oceans. Pockets of Promise is an alliance of people from Ghanaian, Indian, and other diaspora communities in the United States, partnering with community leaders and volunteers in the nations we serve. We work together to ensure that children and families in impoverished communities in Ghana, Uganda, and India have what they need to survive, thrive, and grow their dreams—with a focus on child sponsorship and infrastructure that benefits children. 

We provide a means for people in diaspora and other allies to give back and grow solidarity and connection. You can be part of our international network of communities: learn what we do  and how you can support our work , or contact us  with questions.

Our work is grassroots. We empower local change-makers with financial, structural, and programmatic support. We work with community leaders to identify important communal needs that support children—whether that’s education, medical care, seed funds for parents’ businesses, or help with water supply—and figure out how to fulfill those needs. Our leaders and almost all staff are volunteers, so donations  go directly to communities.

We are data-driven for maximum impact.  We collect data all the time and the data helps us to measure how effective our programs are and make real-time changes to them. We want the effects of our work to be exponential and benefit as many villages as possible, so we are building a data model using data we collect overtime and data from other organizations to improve the lives of women and children. We aim to provide that data model to other relief organizations as well, improving sustainable development throughout the world.

We understand community, culture, and challenges. Through our flexibility and local connections, we reach people that big multinational nonprofits sometimes cannot, and navigate local challenges efficiently. We know how to make money stretch and how to build trustworthy alliances. And we don’t come and go: we stay involved, helping communities continue to lift themselves up.

Local knowledge. All three of our cofounders are from developing nations, and two grew up in extreme poverty.  We are able to use our cultural competencies to drive change 

 “I was able to break the cycle of poverty through education and help from my local church. It’s our mission at Pockets of Promise to support others in doing the same.” Ernest