Mobile Computer Lab

We give children the tools to compete and succeed in the technological era we live in.

Our online education program is helping to close the learning gap between underprivileged children who don’t have access to quality education and their counterparts who attend good schools.

Our mobile computer labs serve as an educational hotspot that allows us to:

  • Teach children how to use computers
  • Provide access to online education resources
  • Teach kids how to code
  • Serve as a safe haven where children can learn and stay out of trouble

What is it?

A mobile lab with laptops loaded with e-resources and an internet hotspot powered by a donated data plan.

Why is it important?

The poorest children do not have a computer or Internet access. With online education, kids can discover their creativity and excel in their computer skills along with their other interests. To learn more about the importance of internet access to education in poor regions check out

How does it work?

A system admin downloads educational materials on a daily basis for the children. The laptops travel in our “Knowledge Mobile” to a secluded school, community center, and sometimes a little shade under a tree—anywhere kids can use it. As the program develops, laptops will be given to the children in order to help them develop more independently and keep in touch with our sponsors and teachers in distant places like the U.S..

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Our goal at the Bridge Foundation is to really speak to the needs of children and women in the third world.We want to answer the age old question of what is the best way to do the development work.