A grateful mind is the giving kind

Giving, or practicing gratitude, is one of those life lessons we are all taught from an early age. We are taught by both religion and mental health experts to count our blessings or to list the things we are grateful for. To help us jot down the things we are thankful for, it helps to keep a gratitude journal. Gratitude journaling is one of my favorite modern-day concepts, it is a lot more relaxing than watching the news and, at times, a lot duller but more helpful than sports. 

When we write down our thoughts on gratitude, it helps us to see all that we take for granted; things like time, space, and above all our ability to learn. Since you are reading this, we share that power to learn. We can educate ourselves. It is a fundamental but powerful tool that impacts each day. Learning is the root for growth in our lives.

However, this fundamental human right is not shared equally. In fact, the world is in a major learning crisis. Around 91% of children in this world had their education affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2020, 1.6 billion children and youth were out of school and nearly 369 million children who relied on school for their meals were left without their nutritional needs being met.

Education has been a major issue for generations, both in the percentage of enrollment and the quality of education children receive.

It is a change that requires a collective effort that is continuous and evolving. At Pockets of Promise, there is a dedicated team focused on bettering education opportunities for children in Ghana, India, and Uganda. They focus both on the educational material and empowerment of children for better self-worth. 

In today’s world, it seems incomplete to speak of education without mentioning technology. Technology offers new possibilities for teaching, learning, working, and innovating, yet, several children in the world of poverty do not have access to this powerful tool. To help bridge the gap, Pockets of Promise offers Mobile Computer Labs that make technology accessible to several kids. 

Another important component of education is after-school programs which also provide meals to kids and are needed now more than ever. Pockets of Promise is currently active in parts of the world with marginalized communities and children living in poverty. As Martin Luther King Jr said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” These kids are growing up in a world that is unjust. Giving them proper education to equip them with the ability to make a difference for the better is the least we can do. 

Visit our website to learn about our programs and join our effort to make a difference. It is through the support of our awesome donors that we can share smiles on the faces of girls like Sindhu, an orphan from India. To borrow words from MLK again “The time is always right to do what is right.” 

(Sindhu an orphan from India)

Let us be grateful for what we can do!


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