All’s Well that Ends Well!

Coming from a teen mother in Assakae, a suburb of Takoradi in Western Ghana. The future for seven-month-old Evans Bossman, or Baby Kofi, did not look bright. His seventeen-year-old mother was young and unemployed, and she and her family did not have the time or the money to properly provide for their small child. Baby Kofi was neglected and severely malnourished, both of which can cause irreversible damage to a child. Kofi’s condition was serious. He was sick more often than not, and he required immediate care. Unfortunately, no one had the capacity to provide the needed care for him. Kofi was poor, hungry, and alone, but most of all, he was an innocent baby who had to bear the unfortunate circumstances handed to him. 

Fortunately for Baby Kofi, help came in the form of a local woman who notified Pockets of Promise about his condition. Pockets of Promise took immediate action. Kofi was moved to a shelter where his needs could be provided for – he was fed, held, and carefully nursed back to health

Once Baby Kofi was stable, Pockets of Promise began to provide him with milk and toiletries every month, resulting in a massive improvement in his health. The severely underweight baby who weighed only 3 kilograms when he was found, weighed nearly 5 kilograms seven months later, double his initial weight. 

Thanks to the help of Pockets of Promise and donations from our generous donors, Baby Kofi was given a second chance at a healthy life. Now at 1 year and 2 months old, Baby Kofi’s teeth have come in, and he has just taken his first steps. His development is right on track with his age group, and he now has the strength to toddle through the halls of the shelter. In addition to food, shelter, and care, Pockets of Promise also provides him with monthly visitations to meet with his family so that they can see their growth, healthy boy. 

Pockets of Promise plans to enroll Baby Kofi in a good school when he gets older and provide him with the tools he needs to achieve whatever he sets his mind to. 

You can help a child like Baby Kofi today! You can make a huge impact on a child’s life by sponsoring a child. 

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